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(edit) @2319   8 years hazmat buildout coverage script
(edit) @2313   8 years hazmat update build configuration (buildout and upstream)
(edit) @2275   9 years hazmat update changelog with release date
(edit) @2274   9 years hazmat disable op reque actions
(edit) @2272   9 years hazmat fix log message formatting
(edit) @2248   9 years hazmat update xapian/xapian bindings versions tested against
(edit) @2247   9 years hazmat don't start thread if in sync debug mode
(edit) @2246   9 years hazmat adjust log levels
(edit) @2245   9 years hazmat update changelog
(edit) @2244   9 years hazmat don't let a bad op, kill the indexing thread
(edit) @2243   9 years hazmat log if an object can't be resolved
(edit) @2242   9 years hazmat enable sync run for testing, enable logging option, allow for multiple …
(edit) @2230   10 years hazmat make dev/test buildout uses a develop egg for the src.. update upstream …
(edit) @2229   10 years hazmat fix setup
(edit) @2192   10 years hazmat version bump 0.4.2
(edit) @2191   10 years hazmat add license headers, because people just randomly rip off your code
(edit) @2183   10 years hazmat vb for pkging fix
(edit) @2180   10 years hazmat update url, keywords, description
(edit) @2179   10 years hazmat transactional operation buffer for pushing into indexing queue, …
(edit) @2174   10 years hazmat rename flush timeout to poll timeout
(edit) @2173   10 years hazmat lower timeouts/thresholds, increase timeout for deletion
(edit) @2172   10 years hazmat bug fix.. wrong op for mod division
(edit) @2171   10 years mborch Added tests for modification and deletion (currently failing).
(edit) @2170   10 years mborch Added tests for the queue-directive.
(edit) @2169   10 years mborch Added support for starting the indexing queue via a ZCML-directive.
(edit) @2168   10 years mborch It's remove, not delete.
(edit) @2167   10 years mborch Import change.
(edit) @2153   10 years hazmat remove stray print
(edit) @2152   10 years hazmat add auto aging of search connections, temporary hack for indexing to …
(edit) @2151   10 years hazmat use proper default resolver
(edit) @2150   10 years hazmat fix subscriber zcml regs, fix default schema indexer
(edit) @2149   10 years hazmat remove security proxies before creating index operations
(edit) @2148   10 years hazmat go through hub to get connection
(edit) @2147   10 years hazmat add object hub, misc. cleanups
(edit) @2146   10 years hazmat build xappy egg against xappy trunk automatically, add testing interpreter
(edit) @2134   10 years hazmat update buildout, xapian snapshot urls have changed
(edit) @2133   10 years hazmat add one more test
(edit) @2131   10 years hazmat buildout fixes
(add) @2130   10 years hazmat lightweight z3 xapian integration
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