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(edit) @2014   11 years hazmat fix drag-drop reorder issue
(edit) @1881   11 years hazmat only display home folder if member has one
(edit) @1844   11 years hazmat setup permissions for other methods on view
(edit) @1839   11 years hazmat defer to view instead of tool
(edit) @1824   11 years hazmat add license file, fix traversal issue for conditions
(edit) @1822   11 years bcsaller reformated some docs
(edit) @1821   11 years bcsaller CMFDeployment to iterate in copyright notice
(edit) @1813   11 years hazmat check for metadata extant b4 install
(edit) @1812   11 years hazmat clean out unused tool
(edit) @1811   11 years hazmat put the guts back in the body, and sew it up.. all runs nicely now, added …
(edit) @1810   11 years hazmat setup bundle
(edit) @1809   11 years hazmat make new bundle
(edit) @1808   11 years hazmat rewrite iterate
(edit) @1807   11 years hazmat new version of iterate.. ui now has baseline/workingcopy portlets to …
(edit) @1806   11 years hazmat make branch for new work
(edit) @1724   12 years hazmat document workflow customization on working copy, doc cleanups
(edit) @1723   12 years hazmat fix and check that permissions from baseline wf state are retained on …
(edit) @1722   12 years hazmat note dependency versions, add info re branch bundle
(edit) @1721   12 years hazmat use string: expr for lock icon fixes issues 5 & 9
(edit) @1720   12 years hazmat clean up uninstall
(edit) @1719   12 years hazmat make branch for older plone versions
(edit) @1652   12 years hazmat remove some zope 2.10 deprecation warnings, remove custom folder contents …
(edit) @1596   12 years hazmat update with new lists
(edit) @1595   12 years hazmat - add zope2.10 compatiblity (this breaks older zope versions :-( ) - …
(edit) @1593   12 years hazmat create branch for compatibility, which is about to be broken by support …
(edit) @1592   12 years hazmat create branch directory
(edit) @1537   12 years hazmat fix missing import reported by michael
(edit) @1497   12 years hazmat update requirements for cmfdifftool
(edit) @1496   12 years hazmat include annotations package.. got this by accident from wicked during …
(edit) @1493   12 years hazmat update readme with repo and tracker links
(edit) @1486   12 years hazmat update todo list
(edit) @1416   12 years hazmat workaround cmfeditions throwing exceptions on checking status, lame since …
(edit) @1415   12 years hazmat install dependencies if not already installed
(edit) @1414   12 years hazmat update bundle with right property name
(edit) @1413   12 years hazmat make bundle of iterate and dependencies
(edit) @1412   12 years hazmat make bundles directory
(edit) @1411   12 years hazmat import zope version control into vendor branch
(edit) @1406   12 years hazmat fix checkout into current directory, typo, make sure lock status reindexed …
(edit) @1395   12 years hazmat change checkout location to be simpler sans ref browser widget, on …
(edit) @1394   12 years hazmat hack in ref browser widget for checkouts, this is a very temporary …
(edit) @1393   12 years hazmat force redirects to /view else, we on files we get downloads
(edit) @1392   12 years hazmat Tag with license info
(edit) @1391   12 years hazmat add lock status folder content templates.. and catalog metadata. need …
(edit) @1390   12 years hazmat - add action icons - add docs of use cases solved - fix up cancel checkout …
(edit) @1389   12 years hazmat - add better reference handling, allowing for ref specific adapters - add …
(edit) @1388   12 years hazmat add some design/developer/config doc thingies
(edit) @1387   12 years hazmat make it work minus at refs
(add) @1386   12 years hazmat initial import of iterate product
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